Replace fast food with Nutrisystem meals and remain fit & healthy… Everything at an affordable price with Nutrisystem!

Hi, my name is Mia and I work at the Milioti Fine Antique & Estate Jewelry. Since last year, all five of us workers at the jewelry store started having Nutrisystem lunch and snacks when we were at work. I will tell you about the changes Nutrisystem made happen then about the Nutrisystem promo codes.

Milioti Fine Antique & Estate Jewelry is a jewelry store that has been in business for the past 32 years. There are five workers here at Milioti Fine Antique & Estate Jewelry- Sofia, Alexis, Lillian, Amelia and me. All five of us always had a problem with lunch when we were at work. The jewelry store that we work in is in the mall, so earlier, we used to get our lunch from the food court. Having lunch regularly outside made all five of us extremely lazy, less productive, and unfit. We decided that we needed to do something to get closer to living a healthy lifestyle. Even after deciding that we needed to eat healthy, we couldn’t think of anything to eat for lunch at work.

Hello Nutrisystem!

Back then, Sofia’s husband had been following the Nutrisystem program for about three months. We could see that he was very happy with the program, so together, we decided to try it. Her husband even gave all five of us some Nutrisystem coupons. We phoned their office to gather more information about the program.

Nutrisystem office is a great place to phone. Their staffs are some of the best ones I’ve ever talked to. Our phone call receiver was an amazing person. He suggested us the “Lunch & Snacks” pack that provided us with meals that great nutritious food with zero added preservatives, sweeteners, colors and flavors. On finding out about the inexpensiveness of the program, we were excited and nervous about starting it. He even told how to regularly get some Nutrisystem discount codes to make their already affordable meals even more affordable.

After telling the Nutrisystem staff all of our stories, and having the “Lunch & Snacks” pack selected, we were told to choose the type of meals we like best. We had so many options to choose from. It was great to know that all of these foodstuffs were low-glycemic and high in fiber and protein. And by ‘all of these foodstuffs’, I do not mean salads or veggies. The foodstuffs at Nutrisystem are full of soups, pizzas, caramel bars and sandwiches. I swear for a while, it felt like being at a restaurant and having to choose from a ten page long menu!

Results achieved using Nutrisystem

Affordability at its best

Very frankly, we’ve never seen something so great and affordable at the same time! The Nutrisystem coupon codes are a blessing, I swear! For our lunch and snacks that were priced $4-$6 a day, these codes could give us a $1-$2 discount. This doesn’t seem much if you look a day’s spending, but you’re actually saving money by the end of the month. All five of us, even though we have different economical standards, could afford the program without having to stress about the money. This is what a diet plan should be… Affordable to all!

About their food

They delivered all of our food to our respective doorsteps. We always brought different lunches and shared our food with each other. In this way, we knew how every meal tasted like. Also, unlike other meal plans, all Nutrisystem foods don’t taste the same. Back in college, I was following a diet plan from another company which had different food items too, but their pizzas were the same taste as their sandwich.

All their food was microwaved. This meant that we had to spend lesser time to prepare it but we still had to microwave it. At work, this was usually a problem, but we always found some way or the other to make it work.

What impressed us the most?

One of the most impressive things about Nutrisystem is that it knows how well it works. We didn’t start off wanting to lose weight; we just wanted to make sure we’re not having fast food every single day. But we ended up losing weight; we actually ended up looking fit and great, in such a low price thanks to the Nutrisystem promo codes. We didn’t know this would happen, but Nutrisystem did!

Nutrisystem has a money back guarantee for all those who are not satisfied even those who signed up with a promo code. It also gives a refund if you wish to send back any unopened Nutrisystem foodstuff. It offers many other promises, especially for people taking the entire diet plan, like the “lose 5lbs + 1 inch off your waist or money back” guarantee. Nutrisystem also has a nutrition promise which is a promise that all its food is healthy and high in nutrition and does has no side effects.

After using Nutrisystem for a month, we have put forward three pros and cons for you all.



  • Having to microwave everything
  • Not as good as fast food
  • Frozen, not fresh

After a year of having Nutrisystem every day for lunch, all five of us have now decided to try the entire Nutrisystem program. This will be a big step, but we think this new Nutrisystem journey will be more exciting and will help us get closer to our body and fitness goals. We recommend Nutrisystem to everyone who wants a new lunch or dinner option, and we are sure we will recommend the entire Nutrisystem program after a month or two of trying that as well. We have passed about a dozen Nutrisystem coupons to people who asked us about the program. You start your journey today & get healthier with Nutrisystem!

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